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Allan Griffin

Aware Recovery Care (ARC) delivers in-home drug and alcohol addiction treatment services to clients, families, and loved ones in Connecticut and New Hampshire. Founded in 2011 by executives and healthcare professionals in the addiction field, ARC provides a tightly coordinated and individualized treatment experience tailored to meet each client where they are in their recovery journey. ARC assigns each of its clients a visiting multi-disciplinary team that is specially trained in our 52-week curriculum and family systems work. ARC provides evidence-based and effective treatment for individuals at multiple levels of care: for those new to treatment, those who have tried traditional methods, and those at the tail end of their inpatient stay that would benefit from a seamless re-integration back to their home or sober living, healthily and safely.

Direct Phone: (203) 910-0311

Greg Plakias

National Outreach Director for ARS
Greg has been in recovery for 16 years. He got sober in his twenties from opiate addiction. Grew up in Orange, CT he was the oldest of three children. He has a younger sister and brother. Greg was involved in sports and very active. When he was around 15 he started smoking pot and quickly escalated into prescription pills. He was doing Heroin by the time of age 19. Greg went to two different rehabs and one hospital stay before he stopped using drugs. He got sober and went back to school after he left being a union carpenter. He know has been working in the addiction field for over 8 years. He enjoys most being able to ethically and honestly help guide families find the best treatment for their loved ones. It’s more than a job, it’s a passion he doesn’t take for granted.

Direct Phone: (203) 809-5670

Roadway of Hope CT, Inc. is a 501C (3) nonprofit organization that is promoting hope, education and advocacy for those who are unable to help themselves and to bring for the people in Connecticut. Awareness to substance abuse disorders with dignity, understanding and acceptance.

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