About Us




I am the mom of three amazing sons. Two who have suffered from substance use disorder. I am Mental Health First Aid and Suicide Prevention certified and trained in the administration of Narcan. I’m a member of the U.S. Attorney’s office H.E.A.T. (Heroin Education Action Team) and The Addiction Policy Forum CT Chapter committee. I don’t have any college degrees in this field, but I have witnessed firsthand what this disease does to a person and their family and have the passion and determination to change the way substance use disorder is treated both medically and socially in this state and country. I want people and their families who suffer from this disease to know that there is help. Recovery can and does happen with hard work, determination and most of all Hope.


Vice President

I am the father of three sons who I love very much. Two of them are recovering addicts and the other an electrician. I am Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Certified. I’m also certified in Narcan administration. My hope is to help others get the help and attention they need. And stop the stigma.


Co-Secretary & Co-Treasurer

I come from a family with a long history of addictive personalities and behaviors. Because of this I have a strong, personal understanding of the impact that addiction has not only on the person with the addiction but the ripple effects it has on the entire family as well. My hope is to help eliminate the stereotypes and stigma associated with Substance Use Disorder and other addictions making it easier for those that are ready to seek help and their loved ones to reach out without shame, guilt, or embarrassment. My hand will always be ready to help you up not push you down.



I am a student at Southern Connecticut State University. I will be graduating in May 2018 with my Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a concentration on Mental Health. I am also working on an Internship at Rushford. Ever since I could remember my life has been affected by addictions. My father struggled for years, but now has 10+ years of sobriety. My interest in mental health and addiction is what led me to connect with Roadway of Hope CT. My goal is to help as many people as we can and bring an end to the stigma of addiction. I want to work with the children and families that have been affected by substance use. I am inspired by people in recovery every day. “Don’t be ashamed of your story, background, or substance use, because it will inspire others.”


Roadway of Hope CT, Inc. is a 501C (3) nonprofit organization that is promoting hope, education and advocacy for those who are unable to help themselves and to bring for the people in Connecticut. Awareness to substance abuse disorders with dignity, understanding and acceptance.

Disclaimer: The Roadway of Hope CT, Inc. recommends further research prior to contacting any professionals or institutions. Locate references and contact them. Consult with your physician and local Better Business Bureau. The Roadway of Hope CT, Inc. assumes no liability for any claims made by our members, service providers, or institutions.